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we love AI - AI Summit 2019

January 30th, 2019 / 9:45 - 17:30


We will open the doors at 9.45 am to welcome you!

Our agenda starts at 10 am with an opening by Dr. Jan Hofmann, our AI top program lead at Deutsche Telekom.

Followed by the first block of a keynote by Christian Schulmeyer, CTO of Empolis and speeches from Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz and Deutsche Telekom around Bots, crowned by a healthy coffee break and a panel a.o. around “AI fuck ups”.

After lunch we will dive back into AI speeches, kicked off with a keynote by Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, and AI-based decision making at Deutsche Telekom. From around 3 pm the networking time starts and we will open our marketplaces for everyone. In parallel breakout sessions will be held to learn more about AI and how to make use of it.

The day will be closed by a speech from T-Labs and some final remarks by Dr. Jan Hofmann at around 17.30 pm.



9:45 Arriving & Check-In
10:00 Dr. Jan Hofmann – Welcome Speech

Keynote & Speakers Part 1

10:15 Dr. Christian Schulmeyer – Keynote
10:45 Jan Morgenthal/Stefanie Wallau-Drügh/Laura Knochenwefel

11:15 Coffee Break

11:45 Ivonne Engemann
12.15 Alex Dogariu

AI Panel

12:45 Host: Dr. Jan Hofmann
Guests: Ivonne Engemann/Alex Dogariu/Dr. Christian Schulmeyer/Chris Boos

13:15 Lunch Break

Keynote & Speakers Part 2

14:00 Chris Boos – Keynote
14:30 Tatjana Wittig/André Müller

15:00 Coffee Break

Marketplace & Breakout Sessions

15:30 Marketplace at the Infotainment Area

Breakout Sessions at the Forum:

15:30 "AI in real Life"
by Hamed Ketabdar & Krzysztof Rutczynski (Deutsche Telekom AG)

16:10 "Smart Automation for Fuzzy Processes"
by Andreas Sasse & Kai Schmitt (Deutsche Telekom AG)

Breakout Sessions at the Freiraum:

15:30 "Contextual AI Assistants with the Open Source Rasa Stack"
by Tobias Wochinger (Rasa)

16:10 "Why every company should be an AI company"
by Valentin Calomme (Mediaan)

Final Speech and Closing

16:45 Claudia Pohlink
17:15 Dr. Jan Hofmann – Outro

Download the AI Summit 2019 Brochure

At the Marketplace


  • AI Enterprise Smart Dialogs
  • AI Enterprise Smart Decisioning
  • AI Enterprise Smart Processes
  • Empolis
  • Tel IT AI Community
  • Mediaan
  • Rasa
  • AWS by T-Systems
  • Orbit